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Penguin Pit Stop shaved ice at events

Shaved Ice at Your Next Event

Every event is different. That’s why Penguin Pit Stop doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to bringing shaved ice to your event. We work with you to understand your needs and get you a customized price quote.

For all events, we bring our shaved ice machine with someone(s) to operate it, syrup flavors of your choice, and cups/straws/spoons. All we need is a spot with electricity (a water supply and shaded area if the event is outside are appreciated, but we can make do without).

Shaved Ice Event Options:
Open Bar – based on the anticipated number of attendees and length of the event, we work with you to estimate a count of shaved ices that will be served. Shaved ice is pre-paid so there is no cost to attendees of your event. There can be options for us to stop serving when all pre-paid cups are used or continue serving and bill you for any extras after the event.
The Open Bar option is good when you have a set invitation list such as a wedding reception, family reunion, or church picnic.

Tickets – much like the open bar option, the shaved ice is pre-paid. However, if you want to have a little more control over what gets served, there are tickets or coupons that you give out to attendees to redeem for a shaved ice.
This option works well when there is an event sponsor who can distribute tickets or for things like school events when students can check in and receive a coupon.

Show up and sell – having an event and you’d like shaved ice there as an option for attendees to purchase? We’ll bring our equipment and have shaved ice available for people who come to your event. If you just want Penguin Pit Stop there selling shaved ice, this is the way to go. Attendees pay for their own ice – after you invite us and we work out the details, you don’t have anything more to worry about.

Fundraising – if you represent a non-profit organization or are working to raise funds for a specific cause, let us know. We can either sell shaved ice and work with you on pricing so that your group earns money from each shaved ice sold or have you pre-sell coupons good for shaved ice.

Have other ideas? Let’s talk.